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Full GTmetrix Pagespeed Optimization

Using GTmetrix, we’ll gauge how fast your WordPress website currently loads and where improvements are needed. We’ll check how your website loads on different devices to make sure your mobile site speed isn’t suffering. In addition, we’ll test your website loading speed from testing locations spanning the globe to gauge how your global audience experiences your website first hand.

GT Metrix YSlow Optimization

GTmetrix uses Yahoo! YSlow to give your website a score. There are over 15 different speed optimization recommendations that we can test and monitor to make sure your WordPress site is getting the fixes it needs to load faster.

Waterfall Analysis and Optimization

The GTmetrix Waterfall Chart displays request-by-request loading behavior of your WordPress website. But the truth is, this data can be overwhelming to anyone not familiar with things like scripts, media files, and third-party resources requests. That’s why we take the hassle out of analyzing this data and do it for you.

Analyze Timings and Fix issues

Every time someone requests a page on your website, GTmetrix records event timings in which things are rendered and loaded on your site. Sounds confusing right? Well, we can not only analyze these timings, we can fix any issues we find.

Time to First Byte (TTFB) Fixes

The amount of time spent waiting for your website to render once someone clicks on it is called the time to first byte (TTFB). We monitor HTTP requests, the time it takes to process these requests, and the time it takes your server to send the response back to your site visitors. If this is slow, we’ll optimize it.


Document Object Model (DOM)

The point at which the Document Object Model (DOM) is ready, as well as the first point in which the browser does any sort of page rendering (such as displaying a background color), will be on our radar during our speed optimization analysis. From there, we’ll ensure these things load fast for every site visitor that lands on your site.

Analyze Timings and Fix issues

Let’s face it. No one wants to wait for your website to load once they arrive. That’s why optimizing your website for blazing fast loading times is so crucial. After all, slow loading sites come with a poor user experience, higher bounce rates, and a lower average time on page.

Worse yet, a slow loading website is going to negatively affect conversions – no matter what kind of site you run.

The problem is, most clients we work with come to us with websites that load anywhere from 5-7 seconds. But the industry standard – and what people surfing the internet demand – are websites that take less than 2 seconds to load.

The satisfaction people have while exploring your website is what makes money for businesses and builds email lists for blogs. Not to mention, Google has made it very clear that the speeds in which your website loads is a ranking factor.

So prioritizing website speed, no matter how busy you are running your blog or business, has to happen. 

What Can I Expect with WordPress Website Speed Optimization Services?

When it comes to analyzing how fast your website loads, GTmetrix.com has become a leading authority. That’s why at Revealize we’re dedicated to getting your WordPress site loading in 2 seconds or less. We also strive to earn you a 98% or higher in a GTmetrix speed test.

Why You Should Use Revealize for WordPress Site Speed Optimization

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world. But it only works for you if your website loads blazing fast for site visitors – every single time.

At Revealize, we take the stress out of WordPress site speed optimization. Forget having to run multiple site speed tests, deal with overly technical jargon, and constantly analyze and fix issues when you make changes to your website.

What are you waiting for?

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