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Kana Pipeline

The Mission

Create a website that makes underground wet utility pipeline services and surface utility engineering exciting, while at the same time turning new clients into long-lasting customers that trust their engineers to do their job and do it well. As a leading professional pipeline contracting company for over 30 years, Kana Pipeline came to us in need of a fresh new look. Here’s what we did:

Establish trust and improve your reputation with a well-developed business site

What We Did

Here at Revealize, we take your pipeline contracting business website and make it shine for those that arrive on your website. Focusing on things ensuring people can get in touch both online and off, showcasing satisfied testimonials as social proof to build trust, and integrating with an email service provider so people can subscribe to a newsletter, we make sure your pipeline contracting website not only looks amazing, but functions well too. With our help, you’ll experience higher traffic, more sales, and an increase in overall customer satisfaction.



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