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Jans Health Bar

The Mission

Create a website convinces people to buy healthy, affordable, and highly accessible foods made from local vendors using the freshest ingredients. As a leader in bringing healthy food to the local communities and neighborhoods, the owner of Jan’s came to us wanting a new look that would entice people’s taste buds and desire to buy. Here’s what we did:

Showcase your dedication to health and encourage people to buy local

What We Did

Here at Revealize, we take your food business website and make it shine for those that arrive on your website. Focusing on things easy to view PDF menus, integration of stunning images that seamlessly match the branding and personality of the business, and contact pages that have all the information a customer could possibly need, including map markers, we make sure your food business website not only looks amazing, but functions well too. With our help, you’ll experience higher traffic, more sales, and an increase in overall customer satisfaction.



What did the customer say?

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Poppy Holguin
Jans Health Bar