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Best Tech Websites to Inspire Your Next Project

The New Year is right around the corner, which means online business owners have the perfect opportunity to revamp their websites and start fresh. Your website is often the first point of contact for new customers. And it’s your digital presence that helps set your brand apart from the competition and generate new leads. But if you never take the time to look around and see what’s actually working for other businesses in your niche, you run the risk of becoming stale and forgotten. If you’re looking to spruce things up after the holidays and have big dreams for the upcoming year, check out this roundup of the best technology website examples on the web today and find a little inspiration.

Top Inspirational Technology Websites

1. Rapidops

rapidops Rapidops is a neat technology website that has all the elements you’d expect to find on a high-tech site. To start, it implements a video background that immediately catches your attention once you arrive on the homepage. As you scroll down the site, you’ll notice interactive and colorful icons lazy load as you engage with the content, which works well with the neutral grey background. Other website design elements include:
  • Color changing call to action buttons upon hover
  • Animated and color-changing navigation menu items
  • Simple, clean interface that outlines a lot of information without overwhelming users
  • Modern typography that emits a professional energy

2. Align

align Align is a cybersecurity company in charge of building technology infrastructure, networks, and private clouds to help industries around the world. One of the most notable features of this technology website is that it’s a one page site that outlines all the company’s information with ease. In addition, it comes with animated text overlays, a consistent and traditional blue color scheme often found with security companies, and call to action buttons that upon hover change color. Other website design elements include:
  • Information sections that automatically expand upon clicking
  • Built-in social share buttons to expand the company's reach
  • Interactive hover (both vertical and horizontal) on blog posts
  • Unique pagination to read more blog posts built into the blog section

3. Hit4Biz

hit4biz Hit4Biz is a marketing website that knows just what it takes to make it on our list of best technology websites. For example, the animated background is eye-catching for anyone landing on the website. And when it comes to collecting leads, this tech company knows that a simple contact form with a clear call to action is the best way to get more subscribers. There’s also built-in video content, interactive images, and tech-related icons that make it clear what this company is all about. Other website design elements include:
  • Subtle color hover on all call to action buttons and videos
  • Unique vertical slide-in navigation menu, complete with a call to action button
  • Plenty of whitespace, which streamlines design and helps build trust
  • Interactive calendar for booking consultation calls

4. Cisco

cisco Cisco, a networks solution company, offers customers a wealth of products and services but knows how to market it just right. The most noteworthy feature is the slider that appears above the fold and highlights a huge feature image, a post excerpt, and a call to action to read more. As you scroll, you’ll find access to additional blog posts and even a slider Twitter feed so you can keep up to date on all the happenings. Other website design elements include:
  • Social share buttons and technology icons leading to more content
  • A registration and login page for creating your own account and personalizing your profile
  • Extensive mega menus to make navigating the site a cinch
  • Beautiful online shop with imagery, description, white papers, comparisons, and more

5. Salesmate

salesmate Salesmate is a cloud-based CRM that helps you organize your sales process, win more deals, and create satisfied, loyal customers that continue to work with your brand. Much like other technology websites we’ve seen, it has a hidden navigation menu that slides in from the side when you’re using a small browser. It also boasts the pastel color scheme that invites people to explore without overwhelming their senses. Other website design elements include:
  • Automated slider testimonial section that encourages people to see what others have to say
  • Contact form to sign up for a free trial or request a demo, which is a great business move
  • Video content to learn more about the CRM
  • Social proof in the form of number of customers to encourage leads to sign up

6. VXchnge

vxchnge VXchnge has everything a technology website needs to grow business and secure long-term clients. The stunning hero image that automatically slides for you gives you a quick glimpse at just some of the things VXchnge has to offer. Smooth parallax effects with a consistent background image sets this website apart from others. And the bold, green call to action buttons make it easy for people to convert. Other website design elements include:
  • Scrollable popup testimonial section (not seen in many websites)
  • Extensive navigation menus for finding the content you need right away
  • Video content and dropdown images that convert into a slider
  • Google Maps integration and contact forms for each location

7. Simple Creature

simple creature Simple Creature combines all the design elements needed to establish a strong online presence in the technology industry. For instance, its homepage has animated images that switch without missing a beat. And when you hover over the homepage the surrounding area moves too. It even gives you access to an enlarged video clip that is full of beautiful animations. Other website design elements include:
  • Stunning material design and color schemes
  • Sticky header that follows users for easier navigation throughout the site
  • Animated page changes for a more interactive experience
  • Lazy load content that increases site speed and improves the user experience

8. Dropbox

dropbox Dropbox is well-known in the technology sector, and rightfully so. In fact, its website is technology driven and not only provides potential customers all the information they need, it helps them convert with ease. What stands out to use most is the interactive arrow that continues to point downward, enticing people to click and learn more. Other website elements include:
  • Clean, modern design, typography, and images
  • Sticky navigation menu so you can always navigate away
  • Clear value propositions and easy call to actions
  • Dedicated login page for easy access to your Dropbox account

9. Bridgeline Digital

bridgeline digital Bridgeline Digital is a digital engagement company that won the 2015 web award for best technology website. As a result, it has a lot that anyone in the tech industry can become inspired by. For example, if you check out this website on your mobile device, you’ll see that it’s 100% mobile-friendly and responsive by design. It even incorporates its sticky header so you can easily view its website on a tiny device. Other website design elements include:
  • Multiple points of contact including email, contact form, forum, phone, and live chat
  • Color changing hover on calls to actions
  • Clickable technology icons to learn more about the company
  • Lots of whitespace to keep things clean and organized

10. Plug & Play

plug and play Plug & Play is entrenched in technology and provides people with digital products and applications complete with design, development, and collaboration in mind. What starts out as homepage with a black background slowly transitions to a white background upon scrolling. This is a unique web design strategy and a great way to leave a lasting first impression. In addition, the large images found on the homepage quickly link to more information, which helps those interested in working with Plug & Play can find our more without having to hunt down the information. Other website design elements include:
  • Limited text and minimal web design with bold imagery
  • Automated about section in the footer that scrolls on its own
  • Dropdown contact information, complete with address, phone, and email
  • Interactive Google Map you can link to for visiting the physical office location

11. Workspace365

workspace365 Workspace365 sticks out amongst the best technology websites on the web for many reasons. To start, it has a simple color scheme and plenty of whitespace so exploring the site is easy and intuitive. There’s also a convenient sticky arrow that you can click to go straight to the top of the site in seconds if you want. This improves the user experience and takes away the excessive scrolling that’s required to get back to the top of the screen. Other website design elements include:
  • Live chat (or email message) when you need to get in contact with someone
  • Translation dropdown menu in multiple languages for reaching a global audience
  • Integrated social share icons so people can stay up to date even after they leave the site
  • Lazy load counter for countries, people, and partners

12. Logitech

logitech Logitech is a highly reputable company that sells things that people need, want, and everything in between. And it’s all related to technology. It’s designed as a one page website with a slider that leads you to the best products it has to offer. And when you’re interested in something, all you have to do is click through using the CTA button. Need support or more information? Use the extensive navigation menu to explore more. Other website design elements include:
  • Newsletter subscription box for building a bigger email list
  • Location button for translating site content into your preferred language
  • Variable products with images, prices, and extensive descriptions
  • Comprehensive filter for finding the product or solution you need
And there you have it! You now have 12 fantastic technology websites to draw inspiration from whether launching a new online business or looking to make improvements to your existing one. And if you need help with designing your technology website, contact us at Revealize and see what we can do to help you succeed. We provide plenty of niche related web designs to pick from and work with your to customize your site so that it’ll stand out in the saturated technology industry. With our help, you can have a responsive technology website that people can access from all device types and navigate with ease. But more than that, we’ll help you create a technology website that is built to last and delivers an exceptional user experience, no matter what you have to offer.