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12 Best Tech Websites and Blogs to Inspire Your Next Project [UPDATE]

The New Year is right around the corner, which means online business owners have the perfect opportunity to revamp their tech websites and blogs and start fresh. Your website is often the first point of contact for new customers. And it’s your digital presence that helps set your brand apart from the competition and generate new leads. But if you never take the time to look around and see what’s actually working for other businesses in your niche, you run the risk of becoming stale and forgotten. If you’re looking to spruce things up after the holidays and have big dreams for the upcoming year, check out this roundup of the best tech websites and blogs on the web today and find a little inspiration.


techcrunch TechCrunch is one of the most well-known tech websites and blogs around. This highly trafficked publication showcases the business end of tech innovation. For example, it covers things like tech startups, major acquisitions, product launches, and funding sources. With more than 50,000 active users, this tech website publishes unbiased reviews that people have come to trust. And to top it off, there’s a newsletter signup that lets you choose which category you’re most interested in. For instance, you can select from Week in Review, Event Updates, and the Sponsorship Insider, to name a few.

Ars Technica

ars technica Ars Technica, founded over a decade ago, started as a publication dedicated to technology and catered to technologists and IT professionals. Since then, it has grown into a popular editorial that serves up trustworthy information centered around technology news, policy analyses, gadget reviews, scientific advancements, and so much more. That said, what Ars Technica really likes to focus on is technology journalism and its ability to generate revenue from online advertising and its paid subscription model.


techradar If you’re in the market to purchase something tech-related, this is one of the tech websites and blogs to go to first. Written in an easy to understand way, TechRadar offers some of the most well-respected reviews on everything from phones, wearables, laptops, audio equipment, and more. Not to mention, for those lacking technical skills, there’s a section dedicated to helping people learn how to troubleshoot common issues and set up new products.

The Next Web

the next web The Next Web was started as a way to promote a tech conference the founders were organizing to introduce their new startup. Since then, it has become a hub for tech-related news, deals, and conferences/events. In addition, it hopes to bring insight and information to those looking ahead to the future. In fact, the team behind The Next Web hopes to cater to those who take a special interest in technology and yearn for information, data, and personal connections with likeminded people.


gizmodo Gizmodo is a leading source for information about all things gadget related. Latest news, guides, reviews, deals, and even tutorials are all easily found on this tech site and blog. What’s great about this site is that it encourages readers to contribute to the conversations and become a part of the blog posts themselves. If you’re a gadget nerd looking for up to date technical information, this is a reliable site worth checking out multiple times a day.


engadget Created by the co-founder of Gizmodo, it’s no wonder why Engadget has seen so much success. This site ranks as one of the most internationally known tech websites and blogs in the world. It centers around technology, gaming, and entertainment and provides a variety of blog content including written content and videos. In short, the team behind Engadget hope to shed light on tech features, news, people, products, and ideas that are shaping the future.


mashable With millions of social media followers, Mashable deserves a spot on any roundup of best tech websites and blogs. This global platform consistently publishes updates on trending technological issues and offers users tips to help them get the most out of their tech devices. They also discuss tech startups and review the latest gadgets so consumers can make great buying decisions. Are you more into video content? Mashable offers plenty of videos related to technology news too.


wired WIRED is a versatile website and blog that includes categories such as culture, science, security, and of course, technology. Splitting from Wired Magazine in 1990, this publication features breaking news, opinions, and updates with advanced technology and gadgets that all people will love, regardless of technical experience. And if you are more of a traditional print kind of person, don’t worry, you can still pick up a paper copy at some news stands.


lifewire Lifewire is one of the most user-friendly tech websites and blogs thanks to its easy to use homepage. For instance, people only need to check out the categories news, products, mobile phones, or computers and start reading. The team behind the content – all 50 technology professionals – are comprised of developers, educators, web designers, speakers, consultants, and more. They strive to bring Lifewire’s 10 million monthly users straightforward information and complementing infographics, so learning new things, troubleshooting gadgets, and finding the best products isn’t a waste of time.

PlayStation Blog

playstation blog You may not think that the PlayStation Blog would be a go-to resource for all things technical. That said, it’s worth noting that it has nearly 18 million Twitter followers and has launched some of the most innovative products in the digital entertainment industry. PlayStation is a worldwide brand and its blog is dedicated to bringing gamers the latest news, tips and tricks, product releases, and so much more.


cnet CNET is another global tech website that comes with 7 language-specific editions, making getting the latest tech news easy no matter where in the world you reside. Its main goal is to help consumers find the best tech services, software, and hardware. There are also plenty of how-to guides, deals, and even an app you can download on either your iOS or Android phone, so you never miss a single newsworthy piece of information.

Digital Trends

digital trends Digital Trends is another one of the tech websites and blogs you can find inspiration from for you very own website. It offers users product reviews, news, buying guides, deals, and even free downloads. And to make things more exciting, this tech-savvy website has included other interesting topics such as education, kids, and entertainment.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! You now have 12 fantastic technology websites and blogs to draw inspiration from whether launching a new online business or looking to make improvements to your existing one. And if you need help with designing your technology website, contact us at Revealize and see what we can do to help you succeed. We provide plenty of niche related web designs to pick from and work with your to customize your site so that it’ll stand out in the saturated technology industry. With our help, you can have a responsive technology website that people can access from all device types and navigate with ease. But more than that, we’ll help you create a technology website that is built to last and delivers an exceptional user experience, no matter what you have to offer.